About us

Elbadrawi Group has always aspired to provide a wide spectrum of designs and products, to satisfy all of our customers’ individual and unique tastes. A business model built upon delivering our products directly from our factory headquarters to your home.

54 years of excellence within the textiles industry becoming a benchmark in the Middle Eastern and European markets. Incorporating technological innovation while maintaining a product consistent in quality as well as maintaining an affordable price tag through our Factory Outlet Stores. Elbadrawi Group’s assurance to our clients both private and corporate is unparalleled quality and timeless designs.

We’ve balanced three international subsidiaries of Elbadrawi Group in Cyprus, Georgia & the United Kingdom and our mission was to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and shopping experience. Being the first Egyptian home linen company to be granted the Disney License, to manufacture and sell Disney characters products in Egypt and the Middle East. Although we have prospered from our humble beginnings we have not lost sight of our original mission to consistently offer a product our customers know and trust.